passporte prize FOR STReet PHOTOGRAPHY honoring Cartier-Bresson

June 12, 2017




Dotan Saguy


Eduardo Lopez Moreno

We are proud to announce the winners and selections by our Juror Stephanie Heimann for the Passporte Prize for Street Photography Honoring Cartier-Bresson 2017:

  • Juror's Award: Dotan Saguy
  • Director's Award: Eduardo Lopez Moreno
  • Honorable Mentions: Kip Harris, Evgeniya Palevskaya and Dotan Saguy

Congratulations to the photographers selected for the Passporte Prize for Street Photography exhibition! The selected images open our eyes to the spirit of the locations and people they depict. We are left curious about the life that lies beyond the frames we see. They go beyond the visual and titillate our other senses as well, challenging us with emotional insights and the movement of time as it passes by the subjects of these photographs. - Editors

Juror's Statement

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."  ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

This quote from the master made me laugh, it is truer than we might realize! But the process of capturing a great photograph, particularly in the tradition of the street photography genre, is a combination of preparation, instinct and luck. And that is incredibly elusive. Early in my career I met a famous photographer who told me ‘if I make a great photograph once a month I am happy’. It opened my eyes to the dedication and time required to succeed at our craft, and that it wasn’t just about talent, or superior camera equipment, or accessible subjects that combine to make a great photograph - and that I had that equation so wrong. 

The photographers who earned Honorable Mentions in the Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize competition are well on the path to succeeding in elusive moments, and in confidence I feel the photograph awarded the Juror’s Prize has captured all the elements that make a great, magical photograph. Congratulations to all who entered for pursuing your craft at least ten thousand times to success. - Stephanie Heimann


The Passporte Prize Call for Entry is an opportunity for photographers to showcase their work around particular themes. Juried by renowned curators, photo editors, gallerists and photographers, the Passporte Prize helps photographers gain crucial experience with juried shows and develop their exhibition resumes.


Passporte Prize for Street Photography Honoring Henri Cartier-Bresson
Images of street photography can depict the atmosphere of a space and the soul of its inhabitants by opening a window onto life in the locality.  Its occupants inhabit and modify the space with their acts of physical and economic survival, attempts at entertainment and spiritual elevation, and mutual interactions as they embrace their humanity.

Joel Meyerowitz said about street photography: "It's like going into the sea and letting the waves break over you. You feel the power of the sea. On the street each successive wave brings a whole new cast of characters."

We are looking for your photographs that represent the contemporary street.


Stephanie Heimann
Stephanie Heimann is the Photo Director for the New Republic. She is the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Magazine Picture Editor of the Year  from the National Press Photographers Association. She is the founder of the non-profit Fovea Exhibitions, where in a volunteer capacity she oversees photojournalism exhibits on topical and social issues.

A veteran photo editor, she has worked on many international and domestic magazines and books, including  Newsweek, Fortune Small Business, Scientific American, and New York Magazine. She was the photo editor for Al Gore on his book Our Choice, the sequel to Inconvenient Truth.