December 11, 2017

Congratulations to the photographers selected for our Family Salon. The photographs in this exhibition are windows into the intriguing relationships that sustain their subjects.

These images are rife with narrative, capturing the interactions of family members in the context of their physical and cultural environment. Many of the photographs shimmer with the warmth that arises from the comfort the subjects give each other, with no need for words. In others, we are moved by a palpable sense of duty, or by fleeting moments of intimacy that take on so much weight when frozen in time for eternal consideration, even as the relationships they capture will evolve as time passes. 

Family Call for Entry
Across the world, the contemporary individual is dealing with an increasing barrage of stress factors, ranging from the political and economic, to the technological and social. For many, intimate family can be a refuge, an escape, maybe even a blanket of comfort.

For this call for entry, we seek photographs considering not just the“natural family” but also the“chosen family;” the relationships we cherish, the relationships in whose embrace we thrive. We are open to your personal vision of this theme.

About Our Salon
Traditionally an exhibition of works of art by living artists, our Salon is an opportunity for photographers to showcase single images, enabling them to build an audience and dialogue around their work. Photographers are expected to submit a single image on the theme.