February 17, 2018

Congratulations to the photographers selected for our Food Salon. The photographs in this exhibition span the world, capturing a breadth of intimacy with food in making, in acquiring, and, of course, consuming.

These images are visceral, capturing the intensity with which we connect with food at all stages. In many images, we sense the palpable presence of the person who has engaged with the food, even if the person is not in the composition. In other, more abstract or experimental compositions, the textures, colors and physicality of the food arouse in us complicated sensations, forcing our natural memories and experiences of those foods into an unexpected context, making us pause and admire anew that which we might take for granted. 

Food in art can be a celebration of culinary joys, an exploration of society and culture, and, of course, a fascinating aesthetic exploration. Whether mass-produced or home-cooked, an elaborate restaurant affair or a meal-for-one over the kitchen sink, food means more than just sustenance.

For this Salon exhibition, we seek photographs that incorporate themes of food as a subject in itself, or as a key element of the image. We are particularly interested in exploring the experience of food in people’s daily lives. 

About Our Salon
Traditionally an exhibition of works of art by living artists, our Salon is an opportunity for photographers to showcase single images, enabling them to build an audience and dialogue around their work. Photographers are expected to submit a single image on the theme.