August 21, 2017

Congratulations to the photographers selected for our Geometry Salon. The images in this salon reveal geometries that make us pause and ponder the moment, the space and how light can play with our minds.

The forms here range from the constructed to the organic. We are moved by the emotional depth of some of the images—visual geometry that, in its grandeur or design, isolates and emphasizes a private human moment. Other images capture the tender fascination with which we regard nature, at once orderly and random. Reflections and shadows create new geometries wherever light moves, it creates fleeting moments of beauty, humor and often, awe.

Geometry Call for Entry

Geometry has been a building block for visual artists throughout the ages. Geometry can be an aesthetic in direct depictions of nature and man-made objects. Geometry can also create revelations, for example when an artist flattens space, twists perspective or hypnotizes with repetition. Geometry can be dynamic, as with spirals, and even chaotic, as with fractals. The geometry of visuals can play with multiple sensations, revealing light, mass and texture, or imparting a sense of music or even symbolism.

For this Salon, we seek photographs that harness geometry to reveal beyond what the mind’s eye might notice in passing. We are also open to your personal vision of this theme.

About Our Salon

Traditionally an exhibition of works of art by living artists, our Salon is an opportunity for photographers to showcase single images, enabling them to build an audience and dialogue around their work. Photographers are expected to submit a single image on the theme.