February 7, 2017

Congratulations to the selected photographers for our Salon. The images represent the most arresting interpretations of this Salon’s theme, Built Environment, which received an overwhelming response of engaging photographs from around the world.

These images respond with intensity to the emotion resonating in the functional spaces we construct. The structures in these photographs span the spectrum of spaces built for nourishing our bodies to spaces that nourish our souls. The images revel in the lifecycle of a constructed space, from those under construction to being in heavy use and to those that have served their purpose and are now abandoned by humans, left to the mercy of the elements. Several images lie at unexpected intersections of disrepair and continued usage.

The scope of a “built environment” captured here span from the micro, like a greenhouse, to the macro, such as a mountainside villages. What binds these images is the creative eye that captures the pulsating humanity in these constructed environments resulting from our attempt to survive in nature. 

Built Environment Call for Entry

Elements of the built environment - structures built by humans, including but not limited to historic and modern buildings and industrial sites - can establish a sense of place in a community, and represent the tone of a culture. For this salon exhibition, we seek photographs that incorporate structures and the environment they are embedded in. We want to see images that evoke the sensations of being in the built environment.

About Our Salon

Traditionally an exhibition of works of art by living artists, our Salon is an opportunity for photographers to showcase single images, enabling them to build an audience and dialogue around their work. Photographers are expected to submit a single image on the theme.